Squeaky Software


Squeaky Software is a small organisation (kind of one man sized) that occasionally produces RISC OS software.

Note - I'm still trying to get Virgin Media to delete my old web site. This site at squeakysoftware.org is current and up to date. The site at ntlworld.com is out of date and should not be used.

Popcorn (and Hive)

Popcorn is a games creation library for RISCOS. It's written in C, and as such is designed to be used from C, but can be called from any APCS compliant language.

The source code is provided, plus a couple of example games, also with source, to demonstrate what Popcorn can do and how to use it. There is also a StrongHelp manual.

Find out more on the Popcorn page.


A new old game for RISC OS machines!


A module that provides a timed callback facility similar to the operating system's OS_CallEvery, but with a timing resolution only limited by the hardware in use.

Application accelerator

A module that provides access to the application accelerator in the Intel 80321 CPU as used in the Iyonix.

Toolbox gadgets

Two toolbox gadgets: TreeView provides a heirarchical display of definable nodes. Tabs allows nested sub windows to be easily selected by the user, with minimal effort on the developer's part.

C99 StrongHelp manual

Documentation for the C99 standard library, extracted from the RISC OS compiler's header files. Available in StrongHelp and HTML formats.


The documentation generation system used to produce the C99 manual.

ZLib, libpng and libxml

Three very useful open source libraries compiled for RISC OS.